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Not just a florist: How we create the wedding of your dreams!

No, we are not just a florist, we're in the business of transferring emotions and we think that's pretty special!

When two of your biggest fans not only book you to create their wedding flowers but give you a large amount of creative licence, you know it's going to be a fun one!...

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The Beauty Garden

The Beauty Garden has officially opened at Eastland shopping centre in Ringwood, I was lucky to have worked for internationally acclaimed London artist Rebecca Louise Law who was commissioned to create this extraordinary canopy installation back in March this year...

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8 (not so obvious) questions to ask your Wedding Florist

Your getting married! Congratulations. Now for the planning, organising and booking of the big day. So many options to choose from and that’s just with the flowers. To make sure you get the wedding flowers of your dreams, we have put together some, not so obvious questions, you should ask your potential wedding florist...

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L1 Studios “Opposites Attract” launch party

L1 studios has a long history as a photographic studio and recently decided to throw open their doors to the wedding and events industry, hence a launch party!

Melbourne's leading creatives, caterers and hire company's pulled together...

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Fresh Produce Challenge

Flowers, Fruit and Veg - always a good combination but when asked to make a “wonder wall” of all 3 combined the outcome was pretty amazing. MMA (Melbourne Market Authority) approached us to construct said wall for the open day, our only requirement was to make it look like there logo...

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