Our qualified floral designers and consultants work closely together bringing you an amazing floral experience each and every time. Always keeping up with current trends and fashions, we love our dream job and team!


Alyssa has worked in the floristry industry for over 15 years often collaborating with well-established businesses and freelancing her skills as a modern and contemporary floral designer. Over the past 6 years Alyssa has been building her own boutique bridal business, beginning with the forward thinking idea of providing a home consultation service to brides for their convenience. This style of service along with the high quality of her floral work has proved to be such a success that Alyssa began to rank very highly with the Australian Bridal Industry Awards, recently placing 2nd with an almost perfect score for floral design of 99.48. Along with high scores in both wedding hire and decorating. Since then the business has developed and grown to a capacity that necessitated the lease of a studio space in the up and coming designer warehouse district of Collingwood.

Alyssa still offers the personalized home consultation service but many brides now enjoy seeing the inspired space of the studio and the refined area of the gorgeous consulting room. High end florists with over 20 years experience each are now sub contracted by Alyssa and while she continues to oversee the general day to day floral work she still takes great pleasure in conceiving and creating the bridal designs with pride.


Rosie officially joined the team in 2013 as a creative and marketing consultant but has been working alongside Alyssa over the last 6 years often assisting with wedding and event flowers and overseeing the logistics and delivery of reception setups.

Rosie’s experience has previously been in the Hospitality industry, managing various Melbourne restaurants and cafes for the past 15 years, excelling at personalised customer service and business expansion.


Rana, has been a creative consultant and part time employee from the beginning, her wealth of knowledge and keen eye for design have been indispensable over the years.


Bruce’s florist delivery business provides a high standard and ensures all our deliveries are prompt and handled with the utmost care.