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Warm and fuzzies on a rainy day

The Bank of Melbourne Foundation supports local charities and programs that deliver sustainable benefits to Victorian communities. For their annual fundraising gala event “City Lights vs Enchanted Garden” we suspended… 6 floral chandeliers And a 12 square meter diamond canopy above the 48 guest tables… The biggest the venue has ever seen in their space. […]

Awarded Australia’s #2 for Floral Design 2019!!!

Why do we look so happy you ask? Oh, well thanks for asking! Last night at the national @abiaaustralia gala Thrive Flowers was…Awarded Australia’s #2 for Floral Design 2019!!! It’s been a helluva year for us, a real roller coaster, we’ve worked hard at finding balance between business and life, we’ve prioritised our physical health […]