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Constructing a Gold Medal winning Visual Display

Our Visual Display ‘Nature’s Resurgence’ won a gold medal at the recent Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

The original idea materialised a full year earlier, with the design, logistics, and planning taking place over the 5 months leading up to the Flower Show.

Construction of the display took a combined 140 hours over 3 days, with 6 Thrive Flowers staff members and 6 Thrive Flower School students on-site to complete it.

The design is entirely eco-conscious, with no single-use plastics in sight.

All components featured in our visual display were either recycled or reused. We sourced rocks, stones, soil and the pond from Marketplace.

All the supporting structures were built with used or reusable  elements. The hills within the display were built using recycled cardboard boxes and chicken wire. 

Our green waste was sorted thoroughly afterward, either to be dried in our studio and reused, or composted. The edging, mulch, turf and moss have all since been re-used. 

All 647 plants, provided by Landscape Link, were integrated into the design in a way that allowed them to be reused afterward and were watered daily while on display. 

The remainder of the design was constructed with either fresh, seasonal, Australian-grown flowers and foliage or naturally dried, repurposed flora. We ensured that there were no imported flowers within the display, and all the plants and flora were non-noxious species. 

No floral foam was used. Instead buckets, ceramic containers, kenzans and chicken wire formed the structure and water sources – all of which will be reused within the studio.  

The entire design was achieved without professional landscapers, it was all hand built by florists and floristry students. It was the first time that florists had mixed an outdoors garden display with floristry design. 

“Nature’s Resurgence” refers to the recovery of nature after a period of decline, degradation, or human interference. Nature reclaiming the modern world.

Given the profound threats of Climate Change and Mass Extinction facing humanity, how can we, as an industry so deeply intertwined with nature, address and minimise our environmental impact?

Why is sustainability such an important message for us to convey? 

The Floristry industry, unbeknown to most, is unsustainable. There are very high volumes of single-use plastics and green waste that are not disposed of thoughtfully, Imported flowers and their associated carbon footprint factor heavily in floristry and the rise in popularity of preserved flowers has introduced additional chemical usage and exposure to the industry.

If you’d like to know more about the unsustainable aspect of our industry and what we’re doing to try and educate our students and clients, please click here.

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