Darkside Belgian Chocolate 100g


57% Dark Belgian couverture chocolate bar is topped drizzles of milk chocolate, sweet cranberries, roasted Cacao nibs, hazelnuts, pistachios. With bursts of dark cocoa, the roasted nuts and sweet cranberries round out this new aged fruit and nut bar.

The Ministry of Chocolate use sustainable and ethically sourced chocolate. They have great programs in place that supports third world growers by building schools and hospitals in country.

They also use Australian grown chocolate which is to Australian standards and supports Australian growers and manufacturers.

Their policy is that all ingredients contain no palm oil.

Wherever possible they use locally grown ingredients including Murray River Salt Flakes, Almondco almonds and freeze dried strawberries from Mornington Peninsula, as well as local cream and butter.

They have beehives on site and use some of the honey harvested, in their honeycomb.

They continue to make changes in their range to move towards recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

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