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Flower Care: Poppies

Poppies have just come into season.

So here’s some tips on Poppy Flower care:

After purchased, cut the stems on a 45 degree angle with some sharp snips. 

You then want to allow them to drink the most amount of water to encourage them to open and stay fresher for longer. You can do this by either burning the ends with a match/ lighter for a few seconds on each stem, or by dipping the very ends of the stems into boiling water until you can no longer see any bubbles coming up. 

Then place them in a clean vase with shallow lukewarm water (don’t put them in too much water, 1-2 inches is plenty).

You can choose to leave the flowers to drop their caps and open naturally, or alternatively you can peel off their outer caps (the green area covering the petals) to encourage quick opening. To do this stick your nail under the base of the outer cap and lift, then very gently peel off each half separately. 

Flower care… conditioning and prepping flowers, is covered in all our workshops and courses.