About Thrive Flowers & Events


Transfers emotion through flowers

I grew up part time with my entrepreneur father on an Alpaca & Sheep farm in the Yarra Valley and also in the suburbs with my creative mother. Dad was a forward thinker and Mum taught me I could make anything a reality, she also steered me down the creative path.

I always put on parties and loved to organise everyone – fast forward to future me and here I am – a flower-preneur, event stylist, creative director and a floristry teacher with a love for nature and a need for animals and all things eco.

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My path was set out for me from an early stage, before I knew it I was a junior florist. It’s fair to say I got lost along the way but I’ve had fantastic mentors and coaches, seriously – thank god for them!

I’ve been in the floral industry since 1997, I think I look younger than that right?! I gained experience managing shops & freelancing all over Melbourne, I grew into a versatile, modern and contemporary floral designer.

In 2005 I started a wedding business working from my home, becoming one of the 1st florists not to have a bricks and mortar shop, later growing it into a wedding & events business and finding Thrive’s new home, a studio space in the up and coming designer warehouse district of Collingwood. I now realise I was a forward thinker.

I didn’t love flowers when I was younger, I loved nature. My passion for sticks, stones, bark, pods and anything dried and fallen has finally become trendy. I just loved riding my horse through the forest and foraging for nature as I went, I was always curious but back then I didn’t know how to capture it’s essence – now I know how to create incredible pieces of art for you all to enjoy.

Little did I know one of my earlier mentors had big plans for me later in life, in 2014 I began teaching for Bloom College and I now have the opportunity to train our future florists and improve our industry. How awesome is that!

At Thrive I oversee the day to day floral work but I take great pleasure in conceiving and creating the wedding and event designs.
I’m serious when I need to be, but usually you will find me doing anything for a laugh.

I love hearing your ideas and transferring your emotion through the floral designs I create.

Some people even call me the Flower whisperer


Gatherer of information & invested in nailing your brief!

After spending my teens and twenties in hospitality I realised what I love doing most is making customers happy.

I’m likely to be the one to answer your initial enquiry and then continue to help you along your floral journey with us, right until the end. It’s probably me that will hand deliver your flowers as well.

Actually, that’s one of my favourite parts of a wedding day, turning up at the bride or groom’s door, you just never know what you’re going to walk into!

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Growing up in country Victoria, I’ve always had a huge interest in nature, my husband jokes that we live in a greenhouse. Muddy shoes, frosty mornings, cuts and scratches, to me it’s all part of living. I’m grateful to be surrounded by fun, botanical elements in my job every day and if I can bring just a little bit of that into your world, it makes my heart happy.

The rush and adrenaline that happens back-of-house is something else I thrive on, there’s nothing quite like it. Being able to swoop in though the loading dock and flower bomb the hell out of the venue like ninjas and disappear again – that’s the fun stuff, it feels like magic.

I also love words and write creatively when I can, but it’s taken me a long time to find my (Thrive’s) voice on social media. It can take a lot of practice to remember not to write how your favourite old-fashioned novel’s written or how you think people want to read it, but to actually write authentically and let people take it or leave it.

Strangely, or not, I enjoy the structure and clarity of writing our OH&S and Procedures manuals, there’s comfort in sitting within the rules of language for these important documents and getting them seamless gives me a buzz.
But don’t let that fool you, sometimes my spelling is atrocious!

Generally, I manage the day to day running of the studio and take what I can off Alyssa’s plate so she can go on being the best designer that she can possibly be. Because honestly, she’s a bit of a genius and that’s why I bought into her business in the first place. Ta-da here we are!


  • We are besties Est. 2003
  • We are passionate about nature and harnessing it’s beauty into creative works of art.
  • We were making and wearing fresh floral outfits to festivals before we were even in business together. We love helping you connect with nature as it’s something we are grateful to have grown up with.
  • We always have and always will love to experiment and learn new trends, it’s so exciting to see each other grow within this industry and keep pushing the boundaries of design.
  • Some of our favourites to create are backdrops, aerial designs and using repurposed flowers in our installations. Who knew you needed an engineer’s degree to become a florist?!
  • We personally oversee all events; choosing the blooms and project managing. But we’ve also worked hard to build a creative, solution focused team who all have their own unique strengths and styles.
  • We work hard and play hard, often seeing each other more than our husbands! Lucky them!
  • Thrive Flowers are proud supporters of both equality and eco services.

Our Team


About Kris

‘A lot of fun, a little bit crazy and super cool’

After a taking a couple of years break from her floristry career that began back around 2003 we reeled Kris back in to join our crew. As well as being a long-time friend, Kris is a whirlwind of creativity and an unbelievable designer and her freelance headpieces for festivals, costumes and photoshoots are absolutely to die for!


About Simone

‘The all-rounder, the commentator and an awesome human’

Alyssa handpicked Simone from a Bloom College Career Change course for an internship with us in 2015 and she has since completed her Cert. 3 with Marjorie Milner. We often joke that Simone is the perfect blend of both Alyssa and Rosie.
Simone’s dedication and motivation to see a job done well makes her such valuable team member. Plus her organisational skills are next level!


About Steph

‘The humble one, a quite achiever, a loyal friend and giggly’

After what started as a work placement for Box Hill Tafe back in 2014, we just knew Steph would be the perfect addition to the team. Since qualifying in 2015 Steph has grown into a great friend and one of those staff you never want to let go! She adds a sense of measure and calm to our sometimes hectic business.


About Rebecca

‘ ‘The smart one! the writer, the movie producer, our mentor & motivator’’

As a published author, screenwriter and actor with a background in business expansion for multi-million dollar companies, Bec’s talents stretch far and wide. We are blessed to have the mentorship and support of this all-round good gal!


About Vanessa

‘The soul mumma, full of warm energy and giver of literally the best hugs in the worldl’

Party planner by name and party planner by nature, Vanessa has been in close collaboration with us for many years as a stylist and creative consultant, also rocking event management throughout Melbourne. Her passion for the industry and instinctive ability to see a client’s vision make her indispensable. Vanessa’s own business, VR Events, is growing quickly while continuing to remain closely affiliated with Thrive.


About Rana

‘The real mumma’

Creative consultant and part time employee from the beginning, Rana’s wealth of knowledge and keen eye for design have been crucial over the years. Rana’s background in dressmaking means she’s always had a knack for aesthetics and her valued involvement ranges from original concepts through to the completion of events.


About Luke

‘The installer; our tradie and handy-man’

Plumber by day, Luke moonlights with us in the floral world for set-ups, deliveries and logistics for the big jobs. As Alyssa’s other half, Luke has always shown a vested interest in the business, but also loves getting his hands dirty and helping to bring our visions to life.

You know those magic AF suspended installations we create? Well they often start out as wild napkin sketches over the dinner table between the two.

Interns/Work Experience ‘the newbies’

Part of our mission is to give back to the community and part of that is to help the up-and-comers enter our world of event floristry through Bloom College internships and Tafe work placements. These students come from all walks of life, they’re at the start of their career and offering them insight at the beginning of their floristry journey is invaluable, or so we’ve heard 😉

Bruce + Roger

About Bruce & Roger

“The courier extraordinaire with a wicked sense of humour and his faithful doggo”

This inseparable duo are our trusted, on-call, “florist only”  courier service. Not a fluro shirt or damaged flower to be seen with these guys! Bruce has capped the number of florist customers he deals with to ensure a quick, careful and reliable delivery service throughout Melbourne.

Don’t worry Roger rides in the cab, not with the flowers!

Alex & Tyler

About Easy Weddings

The savvy tech guys

These online gurus currently work for Easy Weddings but we like to think they just sit around waiting for us to outsource our projects their way. This stunning site is credibility to their skills and patience!

What would we do them without them?!


Thriving with Sustainability

Winning AFI’s (Australian Flower Industry) florist of the year twice, based on sustainability & innovation, we’ve continued to work hard to maintain & improve our eco-practices.

Heres how

  • Partnering with a compost collection company who take it to their processing plant, turning it into “beautiful, rich, organic gold” and bringing it back to community gardens.⁠
  • Separating soft plastics and taking them to the local depot
  • Reusing or repurposing water vials
  • Recycling hardly used water from classes the previous day
  • Returning packaging to suppliers i.e. Phalaeonopsis plant pots, tags etc
  • Repurposing boxes for our wedding packaging
  • Teaching those new to the industry ways to protect the environment
  • Repurposing “used” flowers, and drying for installations
  • Eliminating foam and educating clients as to why

Proudly working towards foam free floristry: it’s better for you, me, our environment and the sea.