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Classic bouquet with seasonal white flowers and lush greenery.

This bouquet is a good all rounder. An assortment of white flowers are arranged amongst beautiful foliage. You can’t go past traditional green and white.  Choosing a colour combination is hard sometimes. If you are unsure of what to send this bouquet is great for anyone.

Usually combining Roses, Dalias, Disbuds, Orchids, Snap Dragons and other seasonal delights

**You receive a photo of your order before it leaves the studio**

  • Distinctive bouquet each time you order
  • Approx. 55cm tall and beyond
  • Great for any occasion
  • Available in 7 sizes

1st photo $90 example
2nd & 3rd photo $170 example

Same day delivery if ordered before 12pm

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About Harmony

These products were created and named in the initial Covid lockdown.

Flowers and greenery can have a fundamental impact on our health. They reduce stress and help us find peace of mind.

Consistency brings harmony.
Harmony soothes the energy of a room and restores balance.

Balance is calm.

How can we feel calm when there is no consistency.
Breath deep breaths. Listen to calming music.

Take it one day at a time.

Additional information

Fresh Flower Sizes     Sweet $90, Special $120, Significant $135, Stunning $150, Splendid $170, Superb $200, Superior $320

Call us for custom orders 9486 0565

  • Photos are a reference of our style and colours, actual varieties will vary
  • Similar shapes and colours will be used to replicate your desired order
  • Hand-written card included with each order
  • Each bouquet comes wrapped in textured paper, tissue and ribbon, unless a vase is added at checkout
  • Vase not included, but can be added for $20
  • Same day delivery if ordered before 12pm
  • Click and collect also available from our Collingwood Studio from 12pm

Flower Care

The recipient will also receive a Flower care card.

Keep all flowers out of direct sunlight & away from heaters. Some flowers last longer than others. Remove spent blooms to keep your arrangement looking fresh.

Wrapped bouquets

  • Unwrap bouquet
  • Keep flowers tied for best results
  • Trim stems on an angle, 2-3 cm
  • Place in fresh water
  • Change water & trim stems every 2-3 days


  • Top up with fresh water every 2-3 days

Wet pack material & bag are compostable. Rubber bands are biodegradable & sustainably farmed. Paper & tissue is recyclable. Felt material & organza bags are reusable.


From social to environmental sustainability, we are dedicated to creating a better world.

  • Our bouquets – Wet pack material & bag are compostable. Rubber bands are biodegradable & sustainably farmed. Paper & tissue is recyclable. Felt material & organza bags are reusable.
  • Our compostable waste is taken to a processing plant where it is turned into organic soil
  • Repurposing “used” flowers, and drying for installations
  • Eliminating foam
  • Boycotting harmful, preserved flowers
  • A preference for seasonal, locally grown blooms. Only using imports as a last resort.
  • Sourcing our gifts from local and Australian made businesses
  • Circular economy within community, picking up jars from neighbours
  • Flowers that would otherwise go to waste are redesigned into gifts for the community

For more on Sustainability, click on the link in the footer