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4 Incredible Ways of How Indoor Plants Can Help With Mental and Emotional Health

Benefits of Indoor Plants

With the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been forced to stay at home, thus compromising our mental health. Especially during this kind of situation, we should give mental health more attention. It is good that exposure to nature is scientifically proven to be a convenient way to do it.

“Nature is the best therapist itself. It clears your mind from worries, calms your heavy heart, and refreshes your soul. As someone who partakes in indoor gardening, I can confidently say that plants have helped both in my professional and personal aspects of my life,” said indoor gardening expert and online dating strategist Greyson Piper of Pickup Line.

Most people underestimate the power of indoor plants when it comes to self-care. To further understand this, let’s dive into the benefits indoor plants can bring to our mental and emotional well-being. You can also check out this article that discusses how flowers positively affect our mental health for more ideas on boosting your mental state.

Here are four of the proven benefits of indoor plants that enhance our mental and emotional health:

1. Plants Reduce The Feelings Of Depression And Anxiety

In 2015, research suggested that an active interaction with indoor plants can help reduce psychological and physiological stress. It is accomplished through suppressing the sympathetic nervous system and promoting soothed, comfortable, and natural feel.

2. Indoor Plants Boost Your Creativity And Inspire You To Be More Productive

A study designed by a group of researchers at the University of Exeter showed that giving employees the freedom to design their workplace with office plants can boost creativity by 45%, boost productivity by 38%, and enhance well-being by 47%.

3. Plants Promote Better Concentration And Memory

According to research, having indoor plants inside classrooms is also proven to improve the students’ memory and concentration. With better engagement, individuals can avoid distractions, thus reducing unnecessary stress.

4. Better Learning Induced By Indoor Plants

The same research mentioned in the previous benefit also stated the positive effect of exposure to indoor plants on learning. Keeping plants in the learning environment helps increase focus and promote better learning.

Improve Your Mood With Indoor Plants and Flowers

Plants are indeed blessings as they not only help sustain our physical needs but also enrich our emotional and mental well-being. Having plants around you, especially during hard times, can help reduce your stress, improve concentration and productivity, and generally give you positive feelings.

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Take care of your well-being and make yourself happy with colourful flowers and vibrant plants. Contact us today and make every day a good day!