2022 Flower Trends For A Livelier Year

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Floral design trends are ever-changing. Several things can influence floral trends and concepts. However, other than earthy colours and plants, flowers create a positive atmosphere and will be more vivid in 2022.  “As a designer, it’s exciting to see varied colours coming into the indoors aside from plants. We feel more connected to the outdoors […]

The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Flowers on Your Emotional Health

thrive flowers

Proven Benefits of Flowers on Your Emotional Health We are all looking for simple ways to offset the high-stress, fast paced world we’re living in. Our emotional state can be negatively affected when we don’t take time to look after ourselves and focus on our mental health and happiness.  You may be surprised to learn […]

History Of the Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquet

One of the highlights during the reception is when the bride flings the bouquet into the air. Unmarried guests gather around, and then a scramble ensues, where the victor is believed to be the next to walk the aisle.  “The bouquet also serves as one of the most prominent bridal accessories, and the flowers create […]